Accessibility Updates:

Date: 10/20/2023

  • Added field labels to contact forms.
  • Switched from math captcha to Recaptcha v3 to add WCAG 2.2 compliance.
  • Aware of several false positives where underlined links are not seen as underlined by scan tools.
  • Aware of false positives for text field background color contrast on forms.
  • Aware that many older gallery entries share alt text on images and identical text description on screen. Working to edit these over time as quickly as possible.


Date: 09/18/2023

  • Resolved in content link color issue after updating the company color guide to allow for darker text on white backgrounds.
  • Fixed minor color issue on 1 footer link.
  • Fixed color issues for category and tag links in the photo gallery.
  • Added icon indicators that show a link opens a new tab.


Date: 08/21/2023
Updated more color contrast issues

Known Issue – not resolved: Resolved (2/19/2024). Color contrast issues with some text links. The links are currently at 2.4:1 vs the recommended 4.5:1 due to branding and style guide issues. We are working to find a solution that allows us to stay on brand with regards to color while still being WCAG 2.1 compliant. Some issues were resolved by making the links ‘bold’ to bring the requirement closer to passing.

Date: 07/19/2023
Updated color contrast on buttons
Added user scale ability on mobile devices

Known Issue:

  • False Positive: Contact forms are scanning as a color contrast issue where no text exists. Caused when the text labels were moved outside of the form fields to solve that accessibility issue. 
  • Color Contrast issue (3.6:1) on Instagram plugin. Working with plugin provider to update the color contrast for everyone.