​Christopher Designs

Christopher Designs

The Crisscut™ diamond is the creation of Christopher Slowinski, the owner of Christopher Designs. The company holds the design patent and registered trademark for this diamond cut.

The step-cut Crisscut™ has some facets which are crisscrossed, and comes in four shapes shapes: Emerald, Cushion, Asscher and Round. The most famous being the Emerald cut, triangular facets are applied to the steps in the pavilion. The intriguing Crisscut™ has 77 facets compared to a normal emerald cut’s 44 facets and its unique faceting optimizes the reflection of light, increasing its radiance. When placed next to an emerald cut, the difference is obvious. The Crisscut™ gives new dimension to the traditional emerald and baguette shaped stones by maximizing the ultimate brilliance and fire that a diamond may posses.

The Crisscut™ diamond is more forgiving in SI qualities, face up whiter and have superior brilliance compared to its emerald and baguette counterparts.

Christopher Designs are available in store in our jewelry showroom at 300 East Bristol Street, Elkhart, IN.