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Corporate Lapel PinsCustom Corporate Logo Jewelry and Corporate Service Awards are a great way to promote your business and increase employee morale and retention.

Recognition Awards: Length of service, retirement, sales achievements, etc., are a great way to show your employees how much they are appreciated and that their contribution to your company is valuable. Employees are more likely to remember an award long after a cash bonus is long spent and forgotten. It’s a constant reminder that their efforts are appreciated.

Did you know that you can gift your employees up to $400 per year without them having to report it as income on their taxes? Instead of cash give them something that they will remember and cherish with pride.

Corporate Logo Items: Does your business have a customer base that follows your every move? Do you see t-shirts with your name and logo on them worn by customers instead of employees? You may be the right type of company to sell your logo and image to your customers, along with your products. Many consumers are proud of the products they buy. And they want everyone to know it. Offer them something more than a t-shirt or a hat, offer them an opportunity to buy something that will last, and in the process, promote your business. Offer them jewelry.

Company Logo RingsCustom Corporate logo jewelry does not need to be expensive either. It can be made in Sterling Silver and set with synthetic stones to meet certain price points. Or, if you have a higher end customer you would like to sell to, gold is always appreciated.

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