The Crown Jewels in Tanzanite and Platinum

Tanzanite and Diamond PendantEvery artist aspires to create the most dramatic, elegant, and challenging work that they can. But it is a rare thing when both design restrictions and budgets are thrown out and we are allowed to create the absolute best jewelry that we can. At Images Jewelers we pride ourselves on creating great works of art while remaining within the budget requirements of our clients. We treat each design with care and respect regardless of price. However, there are those rare occasions where budget requirements are set aside and we are allowed to push our ideas and skill to the limit. And we would like to share with you one such case.

We were approached by one of our clients to create this complete jewelry set. As a connoisseur and collector of fine jewelry this client has asked us in the past to create wonderful jewelry for him. The large man’s ring in our gallery was also commissioned by him and we worked closely with him, incorporating many of his own design ideas. This set went beyond anything we had done before. The centerpiece of the collection is an absolutely stunning 29.39ct, cushion cut Tanzanite. There might be a dozen stones of this size and quality in the entire world and it makes for a truly amazing and unique centerpiece. One look at this amazing stone and it was obvious that we needed to create our own version of the Crown Jewels.

Tanzanite Earrings and Diamond BraceletStarting with the pendant we added 9.24 carats of marquise and pear shaped diamonds. Once the pattern was laid out it was necessary to hand fabricate the entire assembly from platinum wire and hand made bezel cups to support all of the diamonds. Even diamonds that are the same weight tend to vary from one to the other in exact size and shape. This forced us to hand sort all of the diamonds and arrange them so that each diamond complimented the ones on either side of it. This is a time consuming process but worth every minute when it gives the pendant the proper balance and visual appeal.

We treat every aspect of the design and creation of all of our custom jewelry with the same attention to detail. Even the back of the pendant received the same care and detail as the front did. Jewelry is a three dimensional work of art and should be able to be presented as such with every angle and view being given the same dedication as the front. As you can see in this picture of the back of the pendant we were able to create a light and airy pendant with carefully crafted wires and settings.

Tanzanite PendantOnce the pendant was created we needed to give it a place to rest. For that we created a double necklace with the longer necklace carrying the weight of the pendant. Combined, these two necklaces represent over 50 carats of round diamonds starting with a two carat diamond directly over the pendant and slowly graduating down around the neckline.

Next we moved on to the earrings and bracelet. Again these earrings feature stunning Tanzanites each weighing more than 5.5 carats each and surrounded nearly 7 carats in diamonds each. The same attention to detail is applied to the earrings that was applied to the pendant. Each earring features hand sorted diamonds in marquise and pear shapes with hand fabricated mountings.

The bracelet is a work of art in it’s own right. We decided to go with an all diamond look to make it an accent piece to the pendant and earrings instead of drawing your attention away from them. With 1.25 carat stones in the center of the bracelet, it wraps the wrist in over 45 carats of round and baguette diamonds. Again, hand fabricated in platinum, the bracelet settings are given every bit as much attention to detail as any other part of the jewelry set.

Giant Custom Tanzanite RingFinally, no jewelry set would be complete without a beautiful ring to finish it off. For this ring we stayed with platinum, found a nearly 13 carat Tanzanite, and added over 2 carats in diamonds to round out the ring. The trillion cut diamonds are each over 1 carat and there are small surprise diamonds set in the sides of the ring. With the Tanzanite being such a large stone, we ran into a real challenge fabricating the head assembly for this ring. It is tall and thin and very elegant, yet durable enough to be worn.

Individually any piece in this collection is a stunning work of art. But when combined together they turn into a walking showcase of fine jewelry and what can be obtained when the restrictions of budget are relaxed or removed entirely. I know that some of you may want to know how much a collection like this costs. While I can’t tell you exactly, I can tell you that it is in the upper six digit range. But, like any work of art, we find it difficult to put a number on something that we have invested so much time, effort, and passion into.

You can see more of our work in our jewelry gallery. From the smallest silver ring to the most impressive platinum wedding set, each piece of handcrafted custom jewelry is created with the same care and skill as this tanzanite jewelry set.

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