Custom Designed Jewelry

Custom Designed JewelryThe craftsmen at Images Jewelers pride themselves on providing custom jewelry of the highest quality and value. From the smallest ring, to the largest necklace, the craftsmen at Images Jewelers will take your idea and mold it into a beautiful creation. We have over 100 years of collective experience in providing our clients with the finest crafted jewelry available.

Custom jewelry comes in many shapes, sizes and price levels. In it’s most basic sense, custom jewelry has three distinct levels.

  • Level 1: Good – Assembled jewelry (or stock jewelry) using mass produced parts and standard gem sizes.
  • Level 2: Better – Lost wax casting and finishing.
  • Level 3: Best – Hand fabricated from raw materials.

Lost Wax CastingEach level of custom jewelry design brings with it a new set of price points, design options, and style options. In many cases there are also cross over features where we may use a stock head in a custom ring or hand fabricated parts in a lost wax casting. These categories are not exclusive, but they do allow us the opportunity to design a ring to your needs.

To help you decide how you want your custom jewelry created for you, we’ve created several pages to help explain what each level can do for you.


  • Assembled jewelry: Assembled jewelry (or stock jewelry) using standard parts.
  • Lost wax casting: Lost wax casting of custom jewelry.
  • Hand fabricated jewelry: Not to be confused to what is commonly referred to as handmade jewelry.

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Designing Custom Jewelry From Idea to Solution

Get Inspired

Step 1: Get Inspired

Browse our gallery of past Custom Jewelry Design creations to get your creative juices flowing!

Start Designing

Step 2: Start Designing

From sketches to real life work of art. We’ll help you create your one-of-a-kind Custom Jewelry in record time!

Step 3

Step 3: Share Your Story

Stay in touch and let us know if your Custom Jewelry design creation takes your breath away!