Custom Jewelry by Images Jewelers

When it comes to custom jewelry, the craftsmen of Images Jewelers take pride in having the ability to consistently create the very best in unique, handcrafted custom jewelry design. Whether it is the smallest sterling silver pendant or a million-dollar blue diamond, we put the same effort, care, and detail into each and every piece of custom jewelry we make on your behalf. Contact your custom jewelry professionals at Images Jewelers for the very best quality and value available anywhere.

In addition, when you work with Images Jewelers, you get the successful marriage of traditional jewelry making and the latest in technology.  With Computer Aided Design, the milling of wax models, and the growing of resin models with our Aureus 3D printer, our Images team can create your custom jewelry to your exact specifications. Of course, we still use the finest in jewels for the final touch, in order to make your jewelry the best it can possibly be.  

Custom Rings

Rings are probably the most common style of custom designed jewelry. Incorporating specific metals in complementary combinations, with stunning gems, all uniquely arranged to capture your desired effect, a custom ring can spark memories, project an image, or add an air of elegance. And Images Jewelers crafts the finest custom rings available anywhere.

Whether you’re looking for a Promise ring or a ring to commemorate a special occasion, our artisans will couple our innovative technology with their extensive experience to bring your idea to life and preserve the moment for generations to come. We’ll help you select the metal that will best serve your purpose, with beauty and durability always in mind. Then we’ll show you how that metal can create a dance of light with various jewels of different cuts and colors.

Our custom rings are sure to capture the envious eye of everyone. Check out just a few of our recent custom ring projects.

Custom Pendants

A custom pendant can serve to display a number of things, from a spectacular solitary jewel, like a diamond pendant, to a family heirloom – or even your company’s logo. While all pendants aren’t necessarily intended for everyday wear, some can fit very well with casual street clothes, when the designer knows that may be your desire. Mother’s pendants, with jewels to represent each her children, are a common theme, for instance. But with your imagination and our skilled designers working together, Images Jewelers can come up with a design that is much more special… something that is eye-catching and attractive.

As with most jewelry, the choice of metal and jewels plays a very important part in how well the piece will blend in different settings. Our designers can help ensure you get precisely the presentation you want, whether we’re incorporating a family heirloom into a new arrangement or creating an entirely new piece. Take a look at some of our custom silver/gold pendants here.

Custom Engagement & Wedding Rings

Designing your own engagement & wedding ring can be a very rewarding experience, sure to spark special memories for years to come. You may already have a ring design in mind, or you may be looking for a special concept. Our designers have plenty of design ideas to share with you, ranging from understated elegance to posh. White, yellow, or rose gold, silver, or platinum are common choices, sometimes in combination. But those aren’t the only choices available to you. As in many design efforts, the only limit is your imagination.

We’re specialists at helping our clients move from what may be just a vague idea to their ideal symbol of their love. Let us make your dream a reality. Here are some samples of our custom engagement and wedding rings, either for her or for him.

Custom Rings for Men

Sometimes a man wants a ring to commemorate a special occasion. It may be a symbol of an attained professional milestone, the birth of his namesake, or completing his first Ironman triathlon. Such men’s rings are one of our specialties. Whatever the reason behind his ring, our designers and jewelers will find the perfect match of metals and jewels, then tie them into a unique design to convey the desired effect. Take a minute to check out some of the unique men’s rings we’ve crafted for our clients.

Custom Engraved Rings

Regardless of the nature of a ring, there’s often a desire to engrave a message on it. That may mean a simple anniversary date hidden inside a wedding band or some engraved embellishment to add to the visual effects of the ring. Whichever you’re after, our custom engraved rings provide that extra detail that will make your ring uniquely yours.

Come see us at Images Jewelers, or call us at (574) 264-2040, or reach out to us on our contact page – ask us questions and see the quality of our work. We have some of the best artisans to be found, ready to turn your idea into a reality.