It can be super exciting to have custom jewelry built, from the ground up, just for you or a loved one. After all, you’re going to be the first person to breathe life into this completely unique piece of art, which very well could then become a beacon for compliments. Creating custom jewelry can be a lot of fun, and it comes with lots of social rewards, so why haven’t you already gotten started?

Have you heard one of the many rumors about custom jewelry and worried it was true?

Common Custom Jewelry Myths

Any time you have a fairly complicated process involved, there’s a good chance someone will misunderstand what’s involved and a myth will be born. The truth is that custom jewelry is accessible, creating it is simple, and only the sky is the limit. Let’s tackle some of the most common myths we hear from customers:

Angel Wing Inspired Wedding SetCustom Jewelry is Super Expensive

The cost for a piece of custom jewelry is actually based on the real materials used in the design. So, sure, it can be pretty pricey if you’re using the largest, most expensive, rarest diamonds on the planet. But if you’ve got a smaller budget, we can help you choose metals and stones that will make a big impact without a huge price tag. The truth is that we love working with people on their custom pieces, and we’re going to do everything we can to fit your dream into your budget.

Channel Set Tanzanite Engagement RingI Can’t Explain What I Want to the Jeweler

Can’t is such a dirty word, you absolutely can collaborate with our designers to bring your fantasies to life. A great place to start is by bringing in pictures of jewelry that you really love, from anywhere. Pinterest is an endless repository of ideas, just as an example. Once you have your favorites in hand, really think about what it is that you like about each one – then go ahead and write that down. We can work with you to combine those special elements into a piece you’ll truly love.

3D Cad RenderingI’m Not Going to Know What I’m Getting Until It’s Too Late

We work with 3D modeling software and 3D printers to create representations of your jewelry long before it’s cast in metal. You’ll have opportunities to view models, request changes, check them again, and so forth – until you’re certain we’ve found the perfect piece of jewelry for the occasion. Believe in yourself! You will be absolutely in love with your own work before it’s finished.


Paraiba Tourmaline Double Halo PendantBut Can’t Only Rings Be Customized?

Absolutely not. Anything a jeweler can create can be created as a custom item. That means you can build a custom necklace for your mother for a very special birthday, some super fancy cufflinks with your initials on them, or even the perfect tiara for a huge upcoming celebration. All types of jewelry start out as a design, and any of those designs can be changed or created from just an idea, using custom jewelry techniques.

Custom Jewelry is Very Time Consuming

It doesn’t have to be! When custom jewelry takes extra time, it’s because we’re still trying to get to the bottom of what your design should be. If you come to us with your photos, and your list of things you like and dislike about each one, it’ll make the process go so much faster. The design stage is the most time consuming, but it can be shortened considerably if you already kind of know what you’d like to make. Once you’ve approved the design, we can usually complete your custom jewelry in under three weeks!

Any Design is Possible with Custom Jewelry

Although MOST designs are possible with custom jewelry designs, there are sometimes limits due to the nature of metals and gemstones. But don’t worry! If your dream jewelry isn’t quite possible, we’ll find a way to get very close, or create a solution that replicates an effect you love with a more stable technique. After all, we want your jewelry to last a lifetime, so we’re not going to create anything that’s guaranteed to disappoint you down the road.

There’s no reason custom jewelry myths should be stopping you from having the jewelry of your dreams. There are lots of ways to bring the brilliance and beauty of the world’s finest jewelry into your price range, for designs that you’ll love for a lifetime.