Themed jewelry is so incredibly unique. Each design revolves around a personal idea for a client. Themed jewelry tends to fall outside of what most people would consider ‘traditional’ jewelry, but we don’t care, we love it just as much as a traditional wedding or anniversary ring. 

Sketch BandSketch Band

The idea for this ring started as a simple sketch.  A mountain scene under the brilliance of moonlight.  The ring was fashioned from aerospace grade titanium and features an exact copy of the original sketch right down to the moon created with a flush set round diamond.

Sunflower RingSunflower Ring

The idea is to mend two meaningful flowers into one piece.  The sunflower and the shamrock.  The top of the ring features a detailed sunflower with a cascade of shamrocks flowing down the shank.  The ring is done in .925 sterling silver. 

Alligator RingAlligator Ring

Reptilian couture! We just finished this awesome gator ring for an avid outdoors-man customer from Louisiana. The American alligator was designated the state reptile of Louisiana in 1983. The word Alligator comes from the Spanish “el lagarto”, meaning the lizard. Native to the Southeastern United States, alligators construct burrows, or “alligator holes” for shelter and hibernation. They are also known to find shelter in swimming pools during the dry months.

Grandmother's Heart PendantGrandmother’s Heart Pin

Made in 18k yellow gold, this Grandmother’s pin design features birthstones to represent each child and grandchild. The two grandparents are featured at the top of the heart.

French Bulldog RingFrench Bulldog Ring

Everyone loves their pet, so creating a ring from a photo of a French Bulldog seems like a winner. This solid gold gentleman’s ring crafted in 14k yellow gold. The highly detailed features were brought to life by our designer as he worked from a photo of this favorite pet.