Diamonds are back baby! Our jewelers have been very busy creating some of the finest custom diamond rings available. We are constantly thrilled when a new client comes to us with an idea for their very own piece of jewelry. We get to be a part of some of the happiest days in someone’s life, everything from weddings, to anniversaries, push gifts, and just because gifts. 

Check out some of our most recent diamond rings to come off the bench.

1 Carat Marquise Diamond Ring1 Carat Marquise Diamond Ring

Created with a bright one carat marquise diamond set front and center in this beautiful 14k white gold design. The marquise is surrounded by 6 round brilliant diamonds weighing .15 carats total, this simple design style offers a timeless look for everyday wear.

We wish that more people saw the beauty in a well cut Marquise. Their shape allows us to look at jewelry a bit differently and to more easily create dramatic lines and shapes in a custom ring that you might not see in a design using a round diamond.

Marquise cut stones are limited to ring or diamonds either. We’ve also created rings such as this marquise ruby ring, or earrings like this pair of marquise diamond earrings.

Oval Diamond By-Pass RingHalf Carat Diamond Ovals in a By-Pass Ring

This twist on a bypass ring features two stunning .50 carat oval diamonds. The diamonds are surrounded by more than 136 round brilliant diamonds weighing .63 carats total hand set by our expert jewelers. The ring is finished in 18k white gold with the whole thing giving off an amazing sparkle in the light.

By-Pass rings are always fun to create. Getting everything proportioned just right, the amount of ’tilt’ needed to make the by-pass work, and how to create the structure needed make these rings both a challenge and fun to create. We also recently created a stunning two-tone pear shaped by-pass ring that is equally stunning. 

Two-Tone Rope RingTwo-Tone Rope Ring with Diamonds

A simplistic style yellow gold rope ring design intertwined with a white gold band. The ring features 18 round diamonds weighing .68 carats total weight.

Making some two-tone rings is easy. Other, not so much. This is one on the not so much side of the bench. Laying a two-tone ring with the gold side by side is straight forward like we did with this stunning two-tone trellis ring. Having the colors wrap around each other like we did in this two-tone diamond ring adds a new level of difficulty. Setting diamonds in the ring takes it even farther. 


A 2.50 carat Emerald Cut Diamond stands complemented with two .28 carat trapezoid diamonds. Crafted in high polished 18k white gold, the simplicity of this three stone ring stands to be overstated.Emerald Cut Three Stone Diamond Ring

Three stone rings continue to be some of the most popular designs that we create. For us, everything is designed to focus first on comfort, and then on how we can draw more attention to the primary stone.

This amazing 2.50 carat Emerald Cut Diamond stands complemented with two .28 carat trapezoid diamonds. This classic design is elevated by using trapezoids shaped diamonds rather than 2 princess cut, or even 2 more emerald cut diamonds. Using trapezoids allows for a natural, graceful, tapered movement around the ring.

We then set the diamonds into a very highly polished 18k white gold setting, giving the ring an elegant and timeless beauty of this three stone ring. Interested in seeing more three stone rings? Check out this great looking three stone ring with a radiant cut center.

2ct D Flawless diamond ringTwo Carat D Flawless Diamond Ring

Every once in a while, a piece leaves us speechless. This ring design features a 2 carat round brilliant diamond as the showcase. A D color, flawless stone. The diamond is a type 2A diamond. The most chemically pure type of diamond with exceptional optical transparency.

Less than 2% of gem diamonds are type 2A. Among the most famous diamonds, the 530.20 carat Cullinan Diamond is an example of a type 2A stone.

Working with some of the bet diamonds in the world is just one of the many perks to being a client at Images Jewelers. Not only do we provide access to diamonds and other gemstones that are hard to find, we also help you design the perfect custom jewelry just for you. 

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