Designer Jewelry Lines

At Images Jewelers we are known for our creativity and skill at designing and making some of the most stylish custom jewelry available. Not just in Indiana, but to clients around the world. But even though we love to make jewelry for you, we also work closely with some of the greatest jewelry designers and manufacturers in the world. Over the decades we have worked with many designers, some have come and gone, others have just run their course, but we are always excited to work with new companies to provide our customers with some of the greatest jewelry ever made.

Here are a few of the designer jewelry lines that we carry here in the store. If you would like to see them in person please join us at 300  E Bristol St., Elkhart, IN.

Breuning Designer Jewelry

Breuning is the largest independent jewelry, accessories, and wedding ring producer in Europe and is known as innovative and customer-oriented. Breuning is a leader in quality design and jewelry technology.

They use cutting edge design techniques and highly qualified buyers in all areas including stones, pearls, diamonds, and metals. Using information gathered from around the world, Breuning’s designers, engravers and goldsmiths create over 1700 new designs each year. Images is delighted to be an authorized Breuning dealer.

Breuning Sterling Silver and Blue Topaz Ring

Christopher Designs

The Crisscut™ diamond is the creation of Christopher Slowinski, the owner of Christopher Designs. The company holds the design patent and registered trademark for this diamond cut.

The step-cut Crisscut™ has some facets which are crisscrossed, and comes in four shapes shapes: Emerald, Cushion, Asscher and Round. The most famous being the Emerald cut, triangular facets are applied to the steps in the pavilion. The intriguing Crisscut™ has 77 facets compared to a normal emerald cut’s 44 facets and its unique faceting optimizes the reflection of light, increasing its radiance. When placed next to an emerald cut, the difference is obvious. The Crisscut™ gives new dimension to the traditional emerald and baguette shaped stones by maximizing the ultimate brilliance and fire that a diamond may posses.

The Crisscut™ diamond is more forgiving in SI qualities, face up whiter and have superior brilliance compared to its emerald and baguette counterparts.

Christopher Designs Ascher Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

Doves Jewelry by Doron Paloma

Synonymous with wearable heirloom-quality jewelry, Doves by Doron Paloma combines 18 karat gold, diamonds, and precious gemstones to create unique jewelry.

Doves by Doron Paloma’s trend-setting designs have garnered celebrity attention and worldwide press. Doron has made exclusive designs for First Lady Michelle Obama, Jennifer Lopez, and Catherine Zeta-Jones, among others. 

Doves Jewelry Sky Blue Topaz Ring

Heera Moti

Heera Moti is an eminent jewelry manufacturer servicing many of the finest retailers throughout North America and Canada for over 30 years. Our company was founded on the vision of the late M.T. Sadhwani.

At a young age, his son Naresh apprenticed under the tutelage of world renowned designers and diamond cutters, where he was inspired to develop his own unique diamond cuts and jewelry designs. Naresh always dreamed of being an entrepreneur and he founded the company with a new vision for the jewelry industry. Designing classy, elegant, and sophisticated pieces of jewelry has been an enduring tradition within Heera Moti.

Heera Moti Jewelry

Lashbrook Designs

From exotic hardwoods and diamonds to the source of our precious metals, all Lashbrook materials are ethically sourced.

Wedding rings represent what we most treasure – the never ending love and commitment shared between two people. The eternal round is the simplest of symbols. It simultaneously honors both the past and the future. Anciently, wedding rings were made of only the most precious metals, a symbol in and of itself. Today, rings are made in many materials to match the lifestyles, tastes and history of the diverse people who wear them.

Lashbrook Designs

Samuel B

Samuel Behnam is an award winning New York based jewelry designer and founder of the Samuel B. Collection.

Inspired by the immeasurable beauty of nature and the ancient traditions of Balinese and Thai jewelry craftsmanship, Samuel B. has made designing stunning jewelry his life’s work. Partnering with some of the finest jewelry artisans in Bali, many of whom are direct descendants of the Royal Court of Bali, and Thailand has guaranteed that each piece of jewelry from the Samuel B. collection embodies perfection.

Partnering with some of the finest jewelry artisans in Bali, many of whom are direct descendants of the Royal Court of Bali, and Thailand has guaranteed that each piece of jewelry from the Samuel B. collection embodies perfection.


Samuel B Jewelry Amethyst Ring


Based in Manhatten, Vahan has been designing and producing luxurious jewelry since 1968.

Founded by French designer Sacha Der Calousdian, Vahan has grown into a leading American made, family run brand. VAHAN designs are easily recognized by our trademark gold crown petals and textured bracelet bands known as Moiré Beaded®.  This look sets us apart from other brands. All VAHAN bracelets are made flat along the inside to ensure absolute comfort without sacrificing style and have a patented hidden clasp.  In addition, they are oval-shaped rather than circular to prevent the bracelets from rolling over.  This keeps the most eye-catching part of the bracelet facing up. 


Aquamarine ring with diamond halo made by Vahan.

William Henry Knives

William Henry Studio has defined a level of elegance in pocket knives that hinges on the palette of materials and techniques that is brought to bear on each knife they create.

William Henry Studio uses only the finest materials in creating each knife from stainless steel and hand forged Damascus blades to Koa wood and Mammoth scales, each knife is a work of art that any one would be proud to carry.

As custom knife makers ourselves, we are thrilled to be an authorized William Henry Knife Dealer. As William Henry collectors know, his knives sell out at an amazing rate. So if you don’t see what you are looking for here, please, give us a call and we will do our best to find that perfect knife for you.

William Henry Knives