Custom Engagement Rings

Your fiancée is unique, her ring should be too

Hand Engraved Engagement RingsEveryone knows that their fiancée is the most special person in the world. Why would you go to a chain jewelry store to buy a mass produced ring for the event of a lifetime?

With just a little planning and time you could give your fiancée the perfect custom engagement ring that truly embraces his or her personality and dreams of the perfect ring. Making a custom engagement ring opens up the range of design to an almost endless list of possibilities. Perhaps her grandmother, or mother, has given her a special ring that she wishes to incorporate in to the design, or maybe she simply wants something non-traditional in her jewelry. Making a custom ring often is the perfect solution to her desires.

Burmese Sapphire Engagement RingWe have done everything from traditional diamond jewelry to really unique designs. These are a few of our favorite engagement ring designs over the last few years.

This wedding set was hand engraved and set with an unusual combination of diamond shapes. From the pear side stones set in thin bezels to the oval diamonds set in the shadow band, these rings made her cry!

Diamonds weren’t always the stone of choice for engagement rings. In fact, the crown jewels of England feature stunning sapphires like this one. Why not consider a top quality color gemstone for your custom engagement ring?

This custom engagement ring features the traditional platinum and diamond engagement ring with a major twist.

Skeleton Engagement RingYour custom engagement ring really is limited only by your imagination. When you think about that unique love of your life, wouldn’t it be grand to have a unique ring to remind him or her just what they mean to you? Learn how we can help you take that emotion and create a unique ring by filling out our custom jewelry request form or by picking up the phone and calling 574-264-2040 and ask to speak with our internet jewelry designer.

If you would like to see more of our custom engagement ring jewelry head over to our custom wedding ring photo gallery.

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Designing Custom Jewelry From Idea to Solution

Get Inspired

Step 1: Get Inspired

Browse our gallery of past Custom Jewelry Design creations to get your creative juices flowing!

Start Designing

Step 2: Start Designing

From sketches to real life work of art. We’ll help you create your one-of-a-kind Custom Jewelry in record time!

Jewelry building a piece of jewelry using a microscope.

Step 3: We Create

From sketches to real life work of art. We’ll help you create your one-of-a-kind Custom Jewelry in record time!

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Step 4: Share Your Story

Stay in touch and let us know if your Custom Jewelry design creation takes your breath away!