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Custom Bear Claw Necklace Jewelry

We are avid outdoors people here at Images Jewelers. Hunters, fisherman, bull riders and general outdoors enthusiasts, we always enjoy the opportunity to create something unique for another outdoors person. In many cases it can be a simple Elk’s tooth ring, or some small necklace featuring some part of their outdoor passion. It is always a joy to share the stories and experiences that lead to these pieces.

Bear Claw Necklace Bear Claw Necklace Bear Claw Necklace

This bear claw necklace is one of the most elaborate and detailed, not to mention massive, pieces of hunting jewelry we have ever created. Made in sterling silver and 18k yellow gold, this man’s necklace is 23 inches long and weighs in at an astonishing one full pound.

Each segment of the necklace features a simple geometric pattern. The center section also features two 18kt gold bear claws cast from molds of the real claws, and a 5 carat Citrine to accent the necklace.

Custom Elk’s Tooth Cuff Links

Elk Tooth CufflinksElk’s teeth make for one of the more common requests for custom jewelry. In this case we created a pair of rose gold cuff links with a brushed finish for a pair of elk molars.

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