Inspiration for custom jewelry comes from many of places. Some people are inspired by flowers, or clouds, or even other jewelry. But, often our favorite pieces are inspired by the hobbies, books, games, tv shows, and movies that our customers love. The process gets even better when these are also things that we love and allow us to combine many things that we love, our hobbies and creating jewelry, to create jewelry that has meaning to the wearer.

Barney the Dinosaur Pendant

Barney Pendant We were approached by the ultimate Barney the Dinosaur fan, to create these pendants. The barney fan? The creator herself. The idea behind these pendants was to create a gift from the creator to the people who worked on the show as a way to show her appreciation for the effort that they put into bringing Barney to life for so many children.

It is sort of rare that we get to work with someone that is more than a fan, and working with this client was a dream. She came to us not only for our ability to create fabulous jewelry, but also because, as a true manufacturer of jewelry, we were able to easily create the number of pieces that she needed quickly.

Over the years we have made a large number of tv and movie inspired jewelry, even a few game pieces.

“Laser Sword” Pendant

Blue Aquamarine Light Saber Laser Sword PendantThis pendant was designed a bit backwards from the normal process. The normal process is that we are approached by a client with an idea for a piece of jewelry, and we work together to bring that idea to life.
This pendant took a different route. Bob discovered this amazing piece of aquamarine crystal, both beautiful and delicate, and was trying to come up with a design that would be both fun, and do justice to the crystal. Enter the “laser sword”.

Based on a movie set in a galaxy far, far away, we created a gold hilt to set the aquamarine crystal into created our own laser sword replica that you can wear. If the crystal were larger we would have tried to figure a way to add a light to the hilt for geek reasons.

Comic Inspired “Pow” Ring

POW! Inspired mostly by silver age comics, and the Batman TV series from the 60s, this ring is the perfect for fans of the original TV series, or any of the silver age comics featuring the dynamic duo.

This ring came from a scan of a screen shot from one of the TV episodes in an effort to be screen accurate. I do wish that I could remember the episode that we used, but they were all so similar when it came to the fight scenes it’s nearly impossible to be sure anymore.

The original design was Ka-Pow, but it didn’t fit right on the ring, and made the text too small, so POW it is.

The Sword of Inigo Montoya, The Princess Bride

Sword with no equal pendant. One of our all time favorite pieces of custom jewelry, the Sword of Inigo Montoya, made by his father for the six-fingered man. Our version is considerably smaller, but just as elegant.

We looked at screen captures, and replicas of the famous sword, and then worked to scale it down to pendant size, while still maintaining the style of the sword. This mini-replica was a very challenging piece to create. Getting the details of the hilt scaled down to this size pushed us to the limit. Fortunately we have have the tools and craftsmen to pull this off.

Creating jewelry from pop-culture is always fun. In the past we’ve worked with clients that were inspired by shows such as Stargate, Star Trek, and Scooby Doo, or video games such as Mario Bros, Halo, and Pac-Man. 

Really, the only limit is your passion and your imagination. Our job is to help you bring it to life. If you have an idea for a custom jewelry piece inspired by anything pop-culture, we would love to talk with you about it. 


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