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Custom Mother’s Day Jewelry

Mother's Day Pendant​Every year when Mother’s Day rolls around there is a mad scramble to get mom that perfect Mother’s Day gift, whether it’s breakfast in bed, a hand-made card or a piece of jewelry, mom deserves the best. Many times jewelry takes the form of generic pendants or birthstone rings that you can get at any mall store. But have you considered a piece of custom Mother’s Day Jewelry?

As a leading jewelry designer and manufacturer we have created many amazing pieces of jewelry just for mom. Some of our favorites are items that can be much more than ‘just’ a gift for mom. The great thing about birthstone jewelry is that it can be changing and evolving as your family changes and evolves. It can also be a remembrance jewelry option in dedication to those no longer with us.

As an example of how custom jewelry can grow with you here is an elegant custom birthstone heart pendant. In this heart pendant we were able to create an elegant, modern, design with room to grow as her family grows. The heart is a super clean and smooth, slightly puffed, 14k white gold heart with flush set, also known as gypsy set, birthstones. The best part is that if the family changes or grows more birthstones can be added at any time.

Custom Engraved Mother's RingIf you are really adventurous we can even create a custom Mother’s Day ring that can be passed down to your daughter. One of our favorites is this amazing ring we created a few years ago. The idea behind this ring from the start was to create a ring that could be passed down to the daughter. The center stone is the daughter’s birthstone and the small surprise stones on either side of the gallery are the mother’s and father’s birthstones. This makes the ring able to go from the Mother’s Ring to a Daughter’s ring when the time comes. Then, just because we can, we engraved a wonderfully intricate design in to the ring.

Creating custom mother’s day jewelry is always a treat around here. It’s an opportunity for us to create a custom piece of jewelry where different colors of gems are not only welcomed, but mandatory because every birthstone is different. Unlike custom engagement rings where we can expect to work exclusively with diamonds 99% of the time, family jewelry can explode in a rainbow of colors.

If you are considering creating an amazing piece of jewelry for your wife or mother, whether it’s for Mother’s Day, her birthday, the birthday of her child or just because she deserves it, we want to be a part of helping you make that dream come true. Go ahead and fill out our Custom Jewelry Request Form with your ideas or just give us a call at (574) 264-2040 and we will be thrilled to help.

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