Red Topaz Birthday Pendant

  • Total Stones: 21
  • Total Carat Weight: 1.89
For a 50th birthday gift we custom designed this pendant with red topaz and crafted it from sterling silver. From colorless to the well-known blues, topaz occurs in yellow, orange, reddish-brown, light to dark blue, red, violet, light green, and rare pink. Topaz is typically found colorless and heated or otherwise treated to achieve various colors, including the popular blue hues. Anyone would be proud to own one of these beautiful, custom made pendants.
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Another rare and valuable variety of topaz is imperial topaz, a name that refers to topaz in intensely saturated warm orange or orange-red hues only if they also show red, reddish-orange, or purplish-orange when seen face up. Other than colorless, the most common of topaz colors are golden and yellow topaz. This gorgeous, custom made pendant would make a fine addition to anyone’s jewelry collection.