South Sea Pearl Ring

  • Total Stones: 28
  • Total Carat Weight: 1
Understanding south sea pearls can be quite simple. Pearl farmers implant a mother of pearl bead into oysters with the goal of producing a perfectly round, high luster, clean pearl. The larger the pearl the oyster produces, the more valuable it is. Farmers hope that their entire crop turns out with these large South Sea pearls that are perfectly round, just like this ring. However, as the oyster fights this mother of pearl bead implant (it sees as a foreign body) and the oyster’s environment is disrupted by unpredictable weather, the likelihood of producing a perfectly round pearl that is beautiful and blemish free decreases. That is why a perfectly round South Sea pearl is considered to be an ultimate gem.
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Diamonds and 14k white gold surround this breathtakingly perfect 13mm South Sea pearl set into the custom ring. The pearl is white rose in color with exceptional luster and shape.