The Six Fingered Man Sword Pendant

18k White Gold
18k Yellow Gold
Garnet Accent Stones


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Made for a very discerning client, we created this sword with no equal pendant. Unfortunately, he demanded it at 1/10th his promised price so we showed him the door and sold it to a true fan of both the movie, The Princess Bride, and our custom jewelry work.

Made in 18k white and yellow gold with garnet accent stones this custom pendant became one of the hardest entertainment inspired jewelry items we have created. The detail involved in creating the hilt alone made it the perfect candidate for our Aureus 3D printer. Once recreated in fine detail in our CAD software, we were able to 3D print a perfect replica of this great sword and set about the task of fabrication, polishing, and stone setting.

Regardless of whether our client is able to complete his quest or not, we were thrilled to be a part of making it possible for him to get revenge.