Security and Encryption

Many people are concerned about the security of their credit card number and private information when placing orders over the Internet. To address this concern, our site employs “Extended Validation Secure Sockets Layer” (“EV-SSL”) security protocol which provides data encryption, message integrity and server authentication.

Data Encryption makes it nearly impossible for unauthorized people to view information traveling between computers. Information sent between computers is cryptographically encoded by the sender and then decoded by the receiver. If the encoded message is not received intact it can not be decoded thereby ensuring the that the data passing between you and our servers has not been modified in any way.

Server Authentication confirms a server’s identity by ensuring that the server’s certificate and public ID are valid and have been issued by a recognized Certificate Authority (CA). Confirming a server’s identity before sending a credit card number over the Internet is important to ensure you aren’t sending your credit card information to someone other than the intended party.

To benefit from the features of Images Jewelers EV-SSL, we recommend use of the most recently released version of a major web browser such as Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla FireFox, or Apple Safari, to ensure your information is submitted within a shopping cart based transaction receives the highest level of security possible. To verify EV-SSL security is in effect look for the secure symbol typically represented a “key” or “lock” located in the upper left of your browser bar, or at the bottom right corners of the browser.

If you have any questions regarding the use of encryption, please feel free to Contact Images Jewelers for details.  We’re pleased to help you.