Start Designing Your Perfect Jewelry

Selecting your main gemstone is a primary thing to do. The entire ring will be laid out around this stone or stones and many times the design idea will fall into place once the sized of these stones are selected. If your design will have no gemstones then proceed to step #2. If a colored gem is your choice, please call Images Jewelers and one of our Custom Jewelry Designers will  help you make optimal Diamond selections specific to size, quality and price for your Jewelry Designs.

Start Designing your jewelry with one of our designers

Simply give us a call or stop by our store in Elkhart, Indiana, to speak with a jewelry designer. We would love to help you get your unique jewelry creation started and many times these conversations make the magic happen. You can call us at 574-264-2040 and ask for a custom designer.

Browse Images Jeweler’s gallery of our custom jewelry designs to start gathering ideas. If you see something you love, give us a call or use the form to send us your ideas. We can make it exactly as shown or use a particular elements as the basis a completely original design.

You might also see an idea you like on the internet. We can use anything you find as the foundation of your new design and creating a completely custom designed piece.

Even if all you have is a simple drawing of your concept, we can help you get started. Just email your drawing to one of our Custom Jewelry Designers and we’ll take it from there. Many times, just sending us a picture or simple drawing and then calling our shop can help make great progress in getting to your goal.

Items to Select

You get to choose your favorite gemstones, accent gems, ring shank, metal type, engraving or textures, and so much more. Your jewelry is yours and there is no limit to the designs we can create together.